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by Otieno

  • ISBN: 9789966152367
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English is a language that is embraced by most African English speaking countries and beyond as an instrument of communication. Kenya is one of such countries. Being foreign, we have to dig out the roots of English and understand its structures in a bid to speak it well. This adventure is such a maze whose components must be simplified, not demystified in order that its units are comprehended and put to use by the learners and people who use it. As it were English, as a language., has four skills that are tested.

Listening, Writing, Reading, Speaking

We as leamers, must listen to understand and get the right concepts and vocabulary. Learners read properly and correctly pronounce words in order to form sentences in their correct structures (This promotes eloquence). Learners must write to confirm their knowledge of the structures and be able to live and practise the language.

Finally, learners speak the language to put it abreast and be masters of it in communication. For the skills to be achieved English must be studied and taught with expertise and experience open to the challenges that come with it so that learners engage in it passionately. This book spells out in a simplified and exhaustive way the skills to be used and the structures of this language in a way that is easy to understand and use (apply) both in the K.C.P.E exams and general orientation.

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