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A brief history of Bethany Bookshop

Bethany bookshop was started as a Christian literature center

1961 March 11 — The Christian Literature Center was opened in Kericho with Richard Adkins in charge. Bibles and Scripture portions in fourteen languages were stocked. In the first three months, literature worth Kshs.3,500 was sold.

The reading room provided a place for witnessing and counseling. There were five seekers during the first five months after opening. Students from KHBC were in attendance on Sunday afternoons.

One day one of the college students met a young man from his home community about sixty-five miles away. As they talked, the student sensed the spiritual need of his friend. Leading him into the prayer room, the student was able to help him accept Jesus as His Saviour. The young man was an employee in one of the tea estates.

1964 In addition to the Centre itself, a mobile van was in use. Distribution was being made to about 30 shops in the surrounding tea estates and in several shopping centres.

1965 February 12 — The property and stocks were transferred to the ownership of the AGC.

1966 A pushcart was used to sell Christian literature in the town, especially at the bus terminal.

1967 April — Mr. Wesley Tonui, who started with the Christian Literature Centre as salesclerk, moved into the position of manager and has continued to the present.

From 1961 to 1963 the bookshop operated in rented quarters. In 1963 the property was put up for sale for $12,000. The mission purchased the property.

The Centre was designated as the Lilburn E. Adkins Memorial in memory of Rev. L.E. Adkins who with his wife served under WGM Kenya from 1939 to 1952. The bookshop was a fitting memorial to this one who had had a deep concern for the preparation and distribution of Christian literature.